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Ashley & Ben | The Berkeley Hotel | Richmond, Virginia

I was thrilled when Ashley & Ben contacted me about photographing their 12.13.14 wedding. What an amazing wedding date for an amazing couple!

I met with Ashley and immediately we agreed on having the same vision for her wedding day. She wanted a fun stress free day where we could knock out the formal photos before the ceremony so that she and Ben could enjoy their reception to its fullest. And what a reception it was! I can’t wait to blog it in part 2 of their wedding!

I met with Ashley prior to the wedding but I didn’t meet Ben until the day of, and was totally shocked to find that we worked together 15 years ago at Ukrop’s! What a great surprise and I think it’s so cool that I got to see him again as he married the love of his life.

I remember during the toasts, the best man talked about knowing how Ashley and Ben were right for another because they do so much without being asked for one another, and in turn they do so much for everyone else. Seeing the way that they looked at each other, and their love for serving for one another and for others, I just know that they are starting an amazing life together!Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-2PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-3PINIMAGEWhat a sweet, sweet present from Ben to his bride.

Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-4PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-5PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-6PINIMAGEThe Berkeley Hotel had such great light in the bridal rooms!

Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-7PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-8PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-9PINIMAGE

Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-10PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-11PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-12PINIMAGEThe bridesmaids opening up their beaashutiful presents of wedding day jewelry.

Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-13PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-14PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-15PINIMAGE

Ashley & Ben decided to do formal photos prior to the ceremony and it worked out SO well for their wedding day. Stress free, non-rushed formals at the State Capitol building grounds! More of their formals to come on the blog part 2!

Henshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-23PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-18PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-19PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-20PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-21PINIMAGEHenshaw-Wedding-ShockoeBottom-Berkeley Hotel-22PINIMAGE

Ashley & Ben:

It’s your first Christmas together and I hope that the shiny newness of your marriage together extends through Christmas, into the New Year, and for many years to come as you celebrate more holidays together!! I loved working with you and can’t wait to deliver your blog part 2!!

xoxo Joanna

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