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When Kelly started posting images of her wedding crafting on Facebook, I immediately knew I was one lucky photographer to be documenting her wedding! Her sparkle, her planning, her attention to detail made her wedding look like a complete page from Pinterest! Kelly and Garry are such a fun couple with an amazing family that helped them bring to life the backyard wedding of their dreams. I am so, so excited to share a small portion of their special day with you!




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There’s nothing I like more than exploring an entire property for a session. It’s the best way to get unique and diverse backdrops for your portraits. I had SO much fun with Jennifer and Adam walking Pocahontas and all that it has to offer. I have photographed many different sessions there and each season it just looks so different like a brand new location. Jennifer and Adam were amazing and so easygoing and they didn’t seem to mind my demands of “give me your ring so I can stick it in moss” and “you have to sit in this canoe it’s perfect”!


I am so excited for Jennifer’s bridals coming up this month and their May wedding! I love the way you both look at each other and I just know your wedding is going to be so sweet and amazing!


xoxo Joanna

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I knew from the minute that I met Hali and Jacob at Starbucks for an in person consultation that I really really wanted to photograph their wedding. They are SO in love when they glance at each other, and I knew from Hali’s bubbly personality that we would get along amazingly.

I have literally been counting down to their wedding day, my first of the 2016 spring season! I was not prepared for how emotional I would feel watching Hali cry at the sweet sweet note Jacob wrote to her before the ceremony and watching Jacob try not to cry at the altar. I say it all the time but I have the most amazing, super in love, made for each other couples and these two are IT for each other.















Hali and Jacob, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me capture this amazing day for you! For being willing to steal a few moments from your reception for sunset portraits, and for starting off my 2016 wedding season with some of my favorite shots to date. Have an amazing honeymoon you lovebirds!!!

xo Joanna

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2015 was a rocking year for Joanna Branham Photography! 13 weddings and innumerable engagement, couples, family, and newborn sessions that I am so so grateful for! I have the best, most amazing clients and friends for continuously supporting my little business and family! To all those that sent referrals my way, I want you to know that you are supporting this single mama and the most amazing one year old little man and we are thankful for you! My business is not only a dream come true to be able to work creatively with the community but it is also such a blessing to be able to do what I love to support my family!


I posted my wedding top ten on Instagram and I wanted to highlight some of my favorite overall images from 2015 weddings, engagements, and sessions.Tristan-Keegan-FallPortraits-2015-2PINIMAGEvintage-example-5PINIMAGEvintage-example-4PINIMAGEvintage-example-2PINIMAGEStacey-OBX-Maternity-Portraits-26PINIMAGESNEAKS-42PINIMAGEShauna-Phillip-CouplesSession-PointofRocks-12PINIMAGESaltAirRingShot-1PINIMAGEMegan-Justin-VABeach-NeptunesPark-Wedding-1PINIMAGEMatt-Erin-Wedding-BaileySpringsFarm-24PINIMAGEMatt-Erin-Wedding-BaileySpringsFarm-14PINIMAGEMarshall-WeddingReception-2015-67PINIMAGELilly-SecondBirthday-Chesterfield-5PINIMAGEKeira-Bridals-CelebrationsattheReservoir-28PINIMAGE

Isobelsneak-1PINIMAGE2016 we are ready for you! A new name change to Joanna Hartsook Photography, new boutique wedding packages, and a new gallery hosting site! I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer!


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It’s a new year, and I am so ready to welcome 2016 with my amazing couples, family clients, and business partnerships! In 2015 I was so so bad at blogging weddings and sessions and I am vowing now that they will all make it to the blog in 2016!

I am so excited to share Kelly and Garry and their Church Hill engagement portraits on the blog today! I have known Kelly since we were mere pearls pledging Alpha Sigma Alpha in the early 2000s (no way am I going to date us by telling you the year)!! I was so thrilled to see on Facebook that Garry had proposed and I am so honored she chose me as her wedding photographer!

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when Kelly showed up with this beautiful red hair color, it stole the show in their portraits by giving the otherwise overcast day an amazing pop of color! We started at St. John’s Church in historic Church Hill and ended up at my favorite spot, Libby Hill Park. We found some completely amazing little spots to shoot including my favorite turquoise carriage house 🙂

I am counting down the days with you until your May wedding ya’ll!!



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